“I don’t know how to do an ‘About Me or Bio’ page,” he said. So I, the wife, volunteered to do it for him.

Tim is the consummate family man. He is devoted, faithful, selfless, hilarious, talented, incredibly smart, and infinitely patient (with me). He has humility in spades which is why he doesn’t know how to do an “About Me” page.

Photography requires creativity, an artistic eye, an attention to detail, and a curiosity about the world around you. Today, it also requires a mind for technology and computers.

Tim would deny that he is artistic (that’s the humility creeping in) although his photography tells the real truth. His composition and use of color and perspective result in photographs that draw you in and make you want to sit and study them. Your eyes will naturally wander all over his pictures looking at every little piece of it. His attention to detail (aka perfectionism) means he tirelessly works on a photograph losing all track of time. He admits to enjoying creating beautiful photographs and tinkering with them to find that new perspective, angle, filter, or arrangement.

Tim truly has a God-given talent and a passion for photography. And, he makes the view that much better for me.